Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Boys!

Last weekend, we celebrated Ethan and Caleb's 3rd birthday, Toy Story style! They look so cute in their costumes, even if I couldn't get them both to smile. I'm so glad they could share their birthdays with each other this year. They are more like brothers than cousins.
The kitchen got all decked out for a Toy Story party. I took green wire and strung it across the shelf to the kitchen light and wired green army men to it so it looked like they were walking the tight rope onto the table. I also dangled red monkeys and parachuting soldiers from the light.

I put together water bottles with punch packets and straws. I loved the little treat boxes, aren't they cute! I filled them with water guns, a green army man, Toy Story gummies and stickers. The kids got them as a prize after they played "Buzz's Astro Blaster." I set up a table with plastic cups turned upside down and they had to shoot them down with a nerf dart gun. They had so much fun.
Here's a picture of Ethan posing with his favorite pal, Woody.

Here's a picture of the kids getting together for another game. My oldest posed as Ken and helped the little ones through a scavenger hunt where they all got cowboy vest with sheriff badges. I should have taken a picture of them. I made the vests out of white and black felt and badges out of wooden stars that I painted gold. They were a big hit.
What party is complete without a pinata? The pinata was bigger than the birthday boys!
Cake time! They each got their own cake. Although Ethan did not want anyone to cut into his, silly boy.I couldn't find my camera after that but the boys opened up their presents and played in the bounce house outside. The weather was nice and warm and we had so much fun. I love these guys so much; I know, spoken like a proud mama and auntie. I'm so thankful that God blessed our family with them. Happy Birthday, boys!

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  1. I loved looking at your Toystory birthday party and I got some good ideas for my sons's 4th birthday on April 2nd! He is also having a Toystory party. Our days are filled with Buzz and Woody adventures :)