Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ta-da, I finally finished it!

Remember these? I started off with a couple of bags of toilet rolls I had my family put to the side for me.
Which then got turned into this. The frame is made of balsa wood from Michael's and it was cut and glued together. I cut the toilet paper rolls lengthwise, opened it up, and cut strips. From there, I used my imagination gluing thin strips together to make a pattern. I curled some of them by wrapping the strips around a pencil or skinny paintbrush, depending on how tight I wanted the curl. I also left some of the strips straight for interest. I finished it by adding some balsa molding to make a larger frame and the whole thing got a good spray with black, flat spray paint. And here is the finished product! Sorry it's such a bad picture. I had better pictures to choose from but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to turn them 90 degrees.

Here it is in the hallway. Not bad for a $10 project! I know, it's still really beige but with all the money I saved, I'm looking for some artwork to hang on the side wall. Kirklands here I come.
What a week! I've been so busy with doctor appointments, running the kids around, cleaning, and dentist visits. Here's a picture of Allie. She was so excited to go to the dentist.

Yes, no cavities!
Also, I painted the ceiling in my front/dining room. I was really inspired by Becca's beautiful house at I was really worried once I purchased the paint that it would be too dark but it warmed the room up beautifully.

Now, all I need is some crown molding. But, that's going to have to wait a while. Ethan's Toy Story birthday party is coming up quickly and I have sheriff badges, cowboy vests, and alien treat bags to make, oh my! Have a great week.

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