Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Typical Tuesday

Here's a glimpse into a typical Tuesday for me. I get up pretty early each morning, usually around 5:30, so I can make a hot breakfast for my husband and the kids before they leave for school. And, I like to give God the first part of my day so that's when I have my personal devotion time. I'm reading through the bible in a year again. I found a plan and it really worked for me. However, this year I'm using a different translation and going through the bible in chronological order which is a twist. I love going to the women's bible study at church each Tuesday morning. This session we are going through the instructive moments in the Old Testament and I am learning so much. I love the fellowship of being around women who love Christ and His Word. We got there a little late this morning and I forgot my camera in the car but this is a picture of the church I attend. I usually go with my mom, but she was having some car trouble this morning so she wasn't able to attend. The kids were really upset so I promised them we would go to the park after church.
Surprised? It's my favorite park in the whole world! From church, we are only about 15-20 minutes from Disneyland and the weather was beautiful today. I thought the little ones would enjoy it. Okay, mommy enjoys it the most! I packed sandwiches and drinks for us but I forgot the fruit. Luckily, those people at Disney are always thinking!

Yes, we shared one. I really didn't eat the whole thing by myself; I could have though. It was delicious! The apple had been dipped in caramel, and chocolate, and sprinkles, had a sugar candy bow, marshmallows ears, and oh my, it was so good! We couldn't stay too long though because I had to pick up my other two from school and start on dinner. We have annual passes so we go to Disneyland quite a bit. It's so nice to have a lunch there, fly on Dumbo, ride the train, and then come home.

This afternoon I'll finish up on the chores I didn't get to this morning. I never like to leave the house untidy so the house was pretty clean this morning before I left but I have some spring cleaning chores that need my attention. Today, I need to clean the blinds, windows, and baseboards in the kitchen and family room. I also need to help my fifth grader with her state report. She picked Alabama because she loves the song, Sweet Home Alabama.

We have dinner when my husband gets home from school (he's an English teacher) which is usually around 6:30. He teaches an extra class so he's home later Monday through Thursday. Tonight, we are having shepard's pie with a side salad. I need to get those veggies in to justify the candy apple I had earlier. So there you have it, a very typical day.

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