Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall Is Up...Mostly

I absolutely LOVE fall!  I think it's the most beautiful time of year.  Even though we get it a bit late here in Southern California, I decorate early;)  So I started with our kitchen table.

I've had these little pumpkin bowls for years and yes, we use them all the time.  As the weather cools, I cook more soups and stews and these bowls serve up hearty portions.

Here's a picture of the kitchen aglow.  It's so nice to have a ceiling again.  Since it was exposed, Scott installed three mini pendants.  I love them!  There is such a nice glow at night.  We also got a new chandelier for the kitchen which matches everything so much better now.

And I started decorating the mantle.

Here's a picture of it at night.  I added a string of white lights and a pumpkin basket filled with pine cones we collected during out camping trip.

I still have two more cabinets to decorate before the family room is finished.  It's hard to believe I still haven't gotten through all of my fall containers in the garage.


  1. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Everything looks so warm and festive for Fall. I am in love with your mantle, it looks so pretty. Your table looks wonderful with your dishes and arrangement. I can't wait to see more. Well done!! Have a great weekend! XO ~Liz

  2. It looks so pretty, Dani! I couldn't wait either, even though we are still in triple digits here in AZ!

  3. So pretty! I love fall, too. Why not go ahead and get a head start, even if it is still hot outside? :)

    Love the photo of the kitchen "aglow." Such a charming thought!

  4. Your home looks beautiful. I live in California also and it is still very warm. However, it is nice to bring the warm tones of fall in.