Friday, June 15, 2012

Show Us Your Life-Master Bedroom

Hi everyone!  Thank you for writing such sweet comments about our kitchen.  This week in the Show Us Your Life series, Kelly is featuring the master bedroom.  So come on in and let me give you a little tour.

We bought this bedroom set about two years ago now.  We both loved the collection but I didn't really like the mirror that went with it.  I got this one at Home Goods for a lot less money and it worked out perfectly.  The leather recliner chair was a Father's Day present to Scott a few years ago.  It's really comfy.

Here's our fireplace and entertainment center.  Scott built the built-in so all he has to do now is finish the trim.  I'm hoping this summer, he'll put up the mantel too;)  I love that he is so handy.

This is our newest addition, surround sound stereo speakers.  I love them!  The kids are always in here watching movies.  And I really like to have background music playing while I'm cleaning. It's nice to walk into another room and not miss a beat.

And finally, here's the morning bar.  I had never even heard of one until we toured the model home of this house. We have a little fridge and coffee maker to help start the day.  I keep a few dishes on the shelf because my goodies are in the cabinets for those late night snacks.

So there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed the little tour and I look forward to seeing all of yours.  Have a wonderful Father's Day weekend!


  1. Thanks for visiting Dani! :) I love your bedroom! I can tell you like warm colors too. I wish I had a fireplace in my room...maybe I could get a fake one? ;) lol

  2. That morning breakfast bar is interesting! I'd be in so much trouble with late night snacks if we had one ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Okay, we could totally use a morning bar in our bedroom. What an AWESOME idea!!!

    As you can tell I'm a bit behind on my blog reading!

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