Monday, April 11, 2011

Logan's Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Logan! He is such a sweetheart and he looked so cute with his Chuck E Cheese birthday hat. Here he is with his mama, my sweet sister-in-law, Jen. I love this picture of them.
Check out the cakes. Aren't they cute? My sister-in-laws completely outdid themselves. They've always made really cool cakes but this was my favorite. I loved Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.
What kid doesn't love Chuck E. Cheese? Here the little ones are riding a car together with their other cousin, Eden.
They loved climbing through the tubes! They slept well that night.
Ethan had a hard time throwing the his own lane. He was great getting it into the other lanes though. Luckily, no one was playing on either side of him.
No time for smiles, Maddie was really concentrating.
Here's Brenndan getting shocked. How is that fun? Well, he liked it and that's all that matters. He kept trying to get me to touch the handle.
We all had such a great time. I love birthday parties and getting all of the kids together. Family is so important to us and our kids are so blessed to have so many cousins that live nearby. My oldest, Brenndan, was saying how nice it is that everyone gets together for parties and holidays. My family and my husband's family have completely intermingled. What a blessing! You can never have too many people that love you.

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