Friday, October 26, 2012

Re-visiting Halloween Past

Kelly is continuing her Show Us Your Life series and highlighting Halloween costumes this week.  I thought it would be fun to dig up some old pictures of the kids' costumes.  Unfortunately, many of my photos are missing.  I hope Scott will know what happened to them, but for now, here are some visits to Halloween past.

Allie was Glenda the Good Witch and Ethan was a lion.

And here's a picture of Captain Jack Sparrow and Jasmine.

This was our first Halloween in our new home and we got to trick-or-treat with Eden and Caleb.  I love the expressions on their faces.

This was taken after we spent hours collecting candy.  Poor Allie, she couldn't wear her boots anymore!

Here they are last year with the costumes I made for them.  Scott really did a good job transforming a box into Thomas.  So that's the end of my little tour of costumes.  This year, Ethan is going to be Bumble Bee (from the Transformers), Allie picked out a Rapunzel costume, and Maddie is going to be a princess. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to find my missing files.  Have a great weekend

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  1. I found you through Kelly's Korner Blog! I loved looking at your kids' costumes. Way to cute!